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What do runners eat?

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I know I have several runners amongst my friends, and I'm wondering, what do you eat before a run?

I had a friend in Oslo who ate a normal meal before a run. Pizza was good, she said, because it sat well in her tummy. She ate one hour before a run.  I've read all kinds of advice about what to eat and when to eat it, but I would like more anecdotal advice from people I know.

I've tried eating anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes before a run, and I've tried eating all kinds of foods, with varying degrees of success. I've been starving during runs or burping up peanut butter and bananas. I know it's hard, if not impossible, to strike a perfect balance of satiety, but I'm still trying.

I feel ridiculous asking because I'm not even running long distances, but I'd really like to minimize the amount of complaining my body does during every run.


No Hard Feelings

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Just tidying up. Anyone still want to hang in there? Let me know. Not that anyone else is kicking around anyway, but just in case.


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You're missing very little.